heat pumps

New Housing Development, Woking

Woking Borough Council lead the way in making a real difference when it comes to the introduction of renewable energy sources into new developments.

When faced with the requirement to provide at least 10% of the energy requirements from renewable resources for a new luxury housing development, microgeneration provided the developer with a simple solution. A microgeneration heat pump connected into a thermal store in order to provide hot water for domestic use and space heating.


Thermal StoreThe 8kW HeatKing Air Source Heat Pump works with a COP of up to 4, delivering hot water into the Thermal Store which is then used to provide underfloor heating in the property. The ASHP delivers water into the 450 litre thermal store. The system was delivered in two stages - initial installation followed by a commissioning stage. The system worked so succesfully that the client decided to repeat the solution for further phases of the project.

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