community school

Platt Bridge School, Wigan

A brand new school with a brand new outlook

At this state of the art school five microgeneration solar thermal collectors were specially designed to integrate with the rest of the Rotex systems using a novel, high temperature, double-sleeved plastic pipework system - ideal for this kind of environment.

Platt Bridge

With an aperture area of 2.35m2 on each of the collectors, the collector array is capable of heating the 500 litre Solaris h500 litre Rotex Solarisot water calorifier up to 85o Celsius. The system is non-pressurised, which means that it doesn't require any special maintenance. As a "drain-back" system it can operate throughout the year without any anti-freeze.

Rotex Solaris

The system was installed and commissioned in two phases.

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