Solar Controllers

The solar controller is the brain of any solar system.

The controller monitors the temperature in the solar collector located on the roof and also the temperature in the water cylinder or the swimming pool.

During the night the collector will not collect any energy so the controller will switch the circulation pump off.

As the sun rises the collector will warm, as soon as the controller senses that the collector is 6 degrees higher in temperature than the water in the hot water cylinder, the solar controller will start the solar circulation pump, which transfers the heat to the hot water cylinder.

Solar controllers can also store and output data to a computer or digital display.

The DeltaSol solar controllers also have a freeze prevention feature which pulses the pump at regular intervals when the collector temperature drops below 10c.

Domestic systems can use a 12 volt solar powered controller and 12 volt pump which is powered by a photovoltaic panel. A backup battery is also incorporated in the 12 volt system.

Specifications for our solar controllers:-