Planning and estimating

Surveys and Advice

The best way to understand the installation and your requirements is to visit the site and do a survey. We need to consider many options and have a very clear understanding of the existing and/or proposed systems and the options for the positioning of different system components such as solar collectors or 'slinkies'.

We have the knowledge and experience to optimise the system efficiency and foresee any installation snags.

We are pleased to give budget costs over the phone or by email based on photographs, drawings and descriptions but firm quotations can only be provided after a site visit or detailed plans.

We are a professional company and it is our aim to provide genuine advice and supply systems which meet your requirements, we do not employ foot in the door sales people.

During your survey we look at the following areas (depending on the technology required):

  • Current heat, water and power usage
  • The roof structure and roof orientation and shading
  • The hot water cylinder and plumbing
  • The current heating system
  • The layout of the building and its immediate environment
  • The amount of space
  • Site access

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