Pellet Boilers

What is biomass pellet heating?

Automatic pellet boilerAdvanced technology boilers that have been proven for nearly 30 years and are widely used in Europe and North America

A pellet boiler works virtually like an oil boiler, only more efficiently! It switches on automatically from a standard timer, feeds itself fuel, ignites and fires up and heats your home, no fuss, no mess, just heat!

Quiet running and using a natural, odourless fuel ensures warmth and comfort everyday

Sizing a boiler

  • 3-16kw up to 2000 sq ft
  • 3-24kw 2000-3000 sq ft
  • 3-30kw 3000-4000 sq ft
  • 5-40kw 4000-5000 sq ft

Wood Pellet Fuel

Pellet HopperPellets are readily available across the UK and can be supplied in bags or in bulk containers just like an oil tanker.

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Pellet Boiler