Heat Storage

Heat Storage

Microgeneration Ltd offer a wide range of both water and heat storage products to maximise the performance of our renewable energy technologies. There are many different systems in existance and some of these are described here:

Open Vented Systems

With open vented systems a large volume of cold water is stored in a header tank located at a higher level than the cylinder usually in the attic. The water storage cylinder usually located in the airing cupboard is fed at the base of the cylinder by the header tank.

Water pressure and flow within the system is driven by gravity, i.e. the weight of stored water in the header tank is usually sufficient to push water down the pipe that feeds the water storage cylinder and back up to any tap or shower outlet, providing it is lower than the stored water level.

Direct Water Heating & Cylinder

With a direct cylinder the water is heated directly via an electric immersion element, or from a remote heating boiler, which has been designed for water heating only, for example a copper coal fired back boiler.

This is the simplest form of water heating, it gets its name from the fact that the water drawn from the hot taps has been directly heated via the boiler, i.e. the stored water has been through the copper back boiler or around the immersion coil and is then used for bathing.

Combination Cylinders

A combination water storage cylinder has its own cold-water header tank fitted on top of the hot water cylinder. They come in a variety of sizes, 115 litres of hot water storage being the most common with 20 -115 litres of cold storage on top depending on the circumstances.

Mains pressure hot water heating systems

Mains pressure stored water systems, in general terms, rely on the water pressure within the mains supply to push the water out of the cylinder, through the pipe circuits to the tap or shower outlet.

There are three main categories of mains pressure hot water heating systems:

  • Un-vented hot water heating systems
  • Direct fired gas water heaters
  • Thermal storage water cylinders

Examples of different heat systems:

Open Vented System

Direct Cylinder

Combination Cylinder

Combination Cylinder