Heat Pumps

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump operates like a domestic fridge in reverse, extracting free, renewable heat energy from the earth, water or air and upgrades that heat, via a compressor and a heat exchanger, before transferring it to a water heating system, typically underfloor heating or radiators.

engineer installing plumbing for a heatpump

The earth, water or air absorbs and stores heat from the sun and from the earth's core. In the UK the average constant temperature of the earth at about 1.5m deep, is 11 to 12°C. A similar situation exists with underground water sources or large surface water sources.

It is also possible to extract considerable heat from the ambient
air at temperatures as low as -15°C.

Heat pumps are a very cost-effective means of providing space heating, because of the high efficiency of the units, the output heat energy can be up to 4 times the electrical input power - something not possible with other methods of heating.

Heat pumps work well with under floor heating systems in very well insulated buildings and can be used with oversized radiators in a traditional system. However it is unlikely that a heat pump would be recommended for use with an existing radiator heating systems.

Microgeneration Ltd offers two formats of heat pump, Air Source and Ground Source

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