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"It's appropriate that Devon's first level 5 Code for Sustainable Homes house had its roof-mounted solar PV system specified, designed and installed by Microgeneration Limited. The company opted for 18 polycrystalline modules, manufactured by Sharp. Each module is rated at 170 Watts, equating to a 3.06kW peak system. The system will deliver an estimated annual yield of 2,525kWh and annual CO2 savings of 1,479kg. The installation team did a great job and I am very happy with their commitment and standard of work."

Richard Skitch, Managing Director, RSBC Limited.

"McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd. has worked with Microgeneration on many contracts. The company?s flexibility at the design stage, plus their technical knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy and sustainability have assisted us greatly in ensuring we can offer our clients the most professional advice and guidance."

Tony Bainbridge, Managing Director, McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd.

"When Milbrook Football Club received a grant from Cornwall County Council to transform its old lounge into an Outreach Centre, we turned to local specialist Microgeneration Limited to bring the facility up to latest regulations, in terms of re-wiring and installing a new fire alarm system. Microgeneration are fully-approved electrical contractors and installers and we are delighted with the company?s high standard of work. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other potential customers."

John Weekes, Main Contractor.

"I run a busy, B&B in the New Forest so have a high annual demand for hot water. And as we're not on the gas network, I was keen to find a renewables solution that would significantly cut down on the amount of electricity we use to heat our 300 litre hot cylinder which provides hot water to our five guest bathrooms. I also wanted to be able to do "our bit" to address climate change.

Microgeneration came up with a very neat solar thermal solution consisting of 6sq m of roof-mounted evacuated tubes, feeding directly into the hot cylinder via a high capacity heat exchanger coil located in the cylinder.

Now, instead of having the immersion on for six hours per day, I have cut this down to just two hours in the morning, to give the tank temperature a top up before our guests take their morning baths and showers. Only on grey days, or if we're really busy do I have to give the hot water temperature a bit of a boost by putting the immersion on in the afternoon.

I am really delighted with the installation. It looks neat, provides an additional focus of interest for our guests and means my carbon footprint, not to mention my energy running costs, have reduced substantially.

Microgeneration's installation team were a great bunch of guys, didn't leave a mess and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else thinking about going down the renewables route at home."

Ali, New Forest.

"I had thought about installing PV panels for a long time, but nothing happened until I met somebody from Microgeneration. This friendly and efficient company could not have been more helpful and soon worked out a package that fitted both my needs and my budget. It was installed with minimal disruption to my household and has continued to produce roughly twice the predicted amount of electricity throughout this rather dismal summer. I am well pleased and consider my money much better invested on my roof than losing value in the bank." 

Janet Chapman, Tavistock.

"The team at Microgeneration designed, specified and installed a renewable energy set-up that met our customer's requirements precisely and we are now short-listing the company for future tenders."

McCarthy Bainbridge Ltd., Guildford office.

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