renewable heat incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

RHI will provide financial support for those who install renewable heating, which qualifies for support under the scheme.

These proposals have been developed with input from our stakeholders - energy industry trade associations, Ofgem and NGOs - and this consultation constitutes a more formal opportunity for all interested parties to have their say on the details of the RHI mechanism. 

The Government proposes the following key aspects of the RHI:

  • The scheme should support a range of technologies, including air and ground-source heat pumps (and other geothermal energy), solar thermal, biomass boilers, renewable combined heat and power, use of biogas and bioliquids and the injection of biomethane into the natural gas grid.
  • Support heating at all scales, including households, businesses, offices, public sector buildings and industrial processes in large factories.
  • Tariff levels have been calculated to bridge the financial gap between the cost of conventional and renewable heat systems at all scales, with additional compensation for certain technologies for an element of the non-financial cost  and a rate of return of 12% on the additional cost of renewables, with 6% for solar thermal.

Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)

What is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment?

This is a UK Government scheme designed to help you afford renewable technologies for your home, such as:

  • Solar thermal panels
  • Heat pumps (air source,  ground source or water source)
  • Biomass boilers

The amount received as part of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme depends on which technology you are applying for. The voucher values for each of the technologies is listed below:

Solar Thermal Hot Water - £300

Air Source Heat Pump - £850

Ground/Water Source Heat Pump - £1,250

Biomass - £950


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