feed in tariff

The Feed-in Tariff or "Clean Energy Cashback" mechanism means that you will be paid a premium for generating your own electricity .

What you will get:

A payment for every kWh generated - Generation tariff
An additional payment for every kWh exported to the grid - Export tariff
Additional benefit from usage of electricity 'onsite' -Avoided costs

How much?

A domestic retrofit PV system can produce a return of 5% or more guaranteed for the next 25 years and linked to inflation.

The general policy of the scheme, as well as the tariff rates, are set by the Government. The administration of the scheme itself is undertaken by the regulator Ofgem and licensed electricity suppliers. The scheme is designed for installations with a net capacity of up to 5 megawatts, and covers PV, wind, hydro and anaerobic digestion technologies. For those installations producing under 50kW or less, it is necessary for the equipment and installer to be MCS (Microgeneration Scheme) accredited, although this does not apply to anaerobic digestion installations. To apply for FITs, installations must receive accreditation according to their capacity. For installations producing 50 kW or less it is necessary to apply through a FITs supplier with their MCS accreditation details. For installations between 50kW and 5MW (and all AD units under 5MW) it is necessary to apply for ROO-FIT accreditation through Ofgem?s Renewable and CHP Register. For more general information on FITs eligibility and the scheme process., see the Ofgem website.

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